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                     Are you planning an important event? Brit, Bat-mitzvah, Engagements or Birthday? Looking for an event photographer?

          There are events in life that we love to celebrate big in an impressive ceremony and an unforgettable party. Event photography is the most important part of an event. Without documentation of the incident we will never know what happened during the event down to the smallest detail.


               AMS Photography uses the highest quality equipment available and FULL HD quality.
               - We will accompany you on your special day and try to

                      give a warm and personal treatment.

               - We will document your day exactly as you would like to

                      remember it, full of excitement and joy!


           Event photography consists of still photography and videography.

Here are the options available at AMS Photography:

             - STILLS PHOTOGRAPHY - The photos document the most

important moments. A good photographer not only focuses on documenting

what is happening, but also focuses on unique artistic photography that

includes not only what is actually happening, but also the happy

atmosphere around.


        - VIDEOGRAPHY - Quality and professional video photography requires the photographer to be present everywhere without missing a single detail. The photography team and the latest video cameras, which are in HD format, guarantee you perfect and high-quality coverage of the event.


         - DSLR video capture - the latest word in photography. DSLR camera allows you to shoot at interesting angles, real and vivid colors like in the cinema, varying depths of field - and all this gives a feeling of higher quality and more artistic photography.



              Once you get the disc with all the photos and choose the most favorite photos you can PRINT the photos in a digital album that will remain as a souvenir forever from the important event.

Standing Camera



  • Stills photography of events

  • 250 magnet photos of events

  • 2 Magnet photo 15x20cm

  • Photo album of 100 photos printed

  • Disc of all photos from the event.


  • Stills photography & Videography of events

  • 350 magnet photos of events

  • 2 Magnet photo 15x20cm

  • Digital Album 20x30cm

  • Disc of all photos from the event.


  • Stills photography & Videography of events

  • Magnet photos - unlimited

  • 6 Magnet photo 15x20cm

  • Didital Album 30x40cm

  • Disc of all photos from the event.

  • Intro video of any event.